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E3 Excitment!!

This years E3 was by far the best one yet! Fallout 4 was shown and everybody immediately wet themselves over peer joy, or was it just me??? Settlement building and over 700 customizations for your weapons add on to the already massive Boston map. I’ve already pre ordered the pip boy edition so I can immerse myself in a cool looking gadget. Second on my list was star wars battlefront, EA looks to have out done themselves with this one. The game looks beautiful and Authentic, if you close your eyes you will think the movie was playing, but don’t do that you will probably die. then you wont be able to enjoy this awesome game. Next is no mans sky, if this game does what is says and shows then sign me up but until it comes out I am going to be a little skeptical. Call of duty looks good but they should have shown some zombies to quench the fans thirst for zombie murder. Batman has me ready to take on his entire rogues gallery. Nuff said!! WHAT GAMES HAD YOU SOIL YOUR PANTS??

Update on my book!! Volume of love

So yesterday I was up all night writing. Ideas were shooting around in my head like a storm trooper blaster going off in a metal room.  writing the Dialogue is the complicated part for me but, I am doing better the more I work on this whole writing process. Today unfortunately I hit writers block. 50 pages in so lets see if I can reach 100 pages by the end of this week.

For everybody who likes real rap!!    George Watsky a rapper who in my opinion spits harder and is more real then any rapper nowadays. If you like lil wayne and drake then get out of here and enjoy a real emcee! just like my post about how the gaming industry is selling out… well so is the hip hop community… Revolution starts here showing love for true word lyricist!!!

Revolution for the gaming community!!!

All my life I’ve been a gamer. I’ve played many games from the likes of Pokémon, Doom, Spryo the Dragon, and countless more games ranging through all genres. Now that we are in generation 8 of video games we have lots of pros and cons that come with it. The pros that can be said right now off the top of my very tired head are; Beautiful graphics, Bigger then life games. just to name a few. Now the cons on the other hand, are making me furious. More and more games are implementing DLC,buy to play, and always online. Games are getting recycled and given a new name is the biggest I’ve been seeing hitting the mainstream. Games are like clothes now you slap a name on something and the value goes up. This goes to far and we don’t do nothing about it. I say as gamers we should demand more free content!! The new call of duty Advanced Warfare for example dosnt give you zombies off the bat!! No they want you too buy it!!! There’s some hope doe.  A  little company known as Rockstar gives out DLC free for GTA 5. So there’s that I guess.. WE AS GAMERS UNITE SPREAD THE WORD WE MUST STRIKE BACK AT THE CORPORATIONS ROBBING US OF ENJOYING VIDEO GAMES!!!!